• June 1, 2020

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Finally, the word we all thought was coming, came “Recession”. The word has been deliberately shunned in recent months, but key economists and even the Bank of England have finally admitted that a recession is on its way. Not a big surprise, because most of the general public seems to believe that we are already there.

So everything is dark and dark now and no one is safe, right? Not like this. Some Chichester residents have less to worry about. Historically, some jobs have proven to be “recession-resistant”, but what are they? Essentially, jobs with organizations that provide goods and services remain a necessity, even if we tighten our belts.

Jobs during a recession in Chichester

Areas considered reasonably safe include:

1. Education
Children do not stop growing when the market shrinks and they do not stop education. The many schools, colleges and universities of Chichester, including Chichester College and the University of Chichester, are still recruiting. Educational institutions also need administrative, catering and other support staff. Educational jobs in Chichester must remain secure.

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2. Public sector
Government is an obvious consistency during a recession. Our cities and our country must continue to provide services and ensure that everything goes smoothly. The Chichester District Council and the West Sussex County Council continue to require a large number of employees, so public sector jobs in Chichester have to beat the recession.

3. Security
Unfortunately, crime does not stop during a recession (although I cannot pretend to know the statistics, there are related monetary factors that can increase it!) We are fortunate to have a rate relatively low crime in Chichester, but we still need our protective services, like the West Sussex police. They also need their support staff so that those with security functions in Chichester have less to worry about.

4. Health Care and pharmaceuticals
Illness and injury always occur during a recession. In Chichester, it is fair to say that our population is ageing, perhaps because of the quality of life we ​​can receive here. (As long as St Richards Hospital remains open!) Hospital staff, family physicians, paramedics, nurses, and healthcare are always in high demand, so jobs in the health sector in Chichester should be quite sufficient sure.

5. Energy companies
We can all become more aware of our electricity expenses as part of our belt-tightening, but we will continue to have a mass for gas and electricity and it is unlikely to decrease. Chichester businesses and homes will still need Southern Electric, British Gas and others to keep us going, so those who work for energy companies, such as engineers and customer service in Chichester, should consider their work Like on.



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