• June 2, 2020

Lowest / Cheapest Tuition Fees Universities

Lowest tuition fees universities around the world...

2020 Low Tuition Universities in Estonia with Tuition Fees

Hi! Today, we are taking a critical look at the low tuition fee universities in Estonia the is best for study abroad students. International students ask various questions with regards the tuition fees, cost of living, admission requirements, study visa and top universities in Estonia. With regard to this, we emerged to ensure that you are well informed about the cheapest public universities in Estonia.

Please pause and get yourself ready to discover something new about Estonia.

It is interesting to know that Estonia, a member of the European Union since May 2004 has the honour of being the first country in the world to use the Internet as a means to remotely cast votes in democratic elections.

In Estonia, there are cheap and affordable tuition universities which students can apply. The majority of higher education institutions in Estonia offer study programs and courses taught in English and gladly welcome international students and researchers. Infact, If you are planning to study in Estonia, you are taking the best decision!

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Estonian universities are not the same for all institutions. This is due to the fact that different universities have different tuition fees depending on the level of study and specialization. The tuition fees always cost between 1023 to 7350 Euros per year. Graduate and postgraduate courses may cost more depending on the course and university chosen by the student.

Tuition fees in Estonia is much less as compared to some other countries in Europe but not free. Hence, students searching for universities in Estonia without application fees should rather apply for scholarships. Like MS in Engineering will cost about 2000 Euros/semester and many best performing students get tuition waiver.

Cost of Living

Despite the fact that Estonia is one of the cheapest study abroad countries for international students, living costs in Estonia are very low and affordable. To some, there are considered to be lower than in most other European countries. General feedback from foreigners who have spent some time there is that living conditions are similar to those in Western Europe. We have sent so many students already to Poland through our admission help center. Our study abroad service is guaranteed!

Cost of living in Estonia usually depends on the student’s  lifestyle, spending habits and accommodation. The currency used for day to day buying and selling in Estonia is the Euro (EUR, €).

Monthly living costs: €300–€500, depending on the student`s choices

Student accommodation prices in Estonia start from €100 per month in student dormitories. Some universities have student dormitories with single, double and triple rooms. Housing costs largely depend on the location and size of the flat. On average, the prices range from about €100 for a place in a double room in the residence hall to €180–€450 or more for a private flat.


It is very important to note that Estonian universities teaches courses in top fields of discipline ranging from Medical courses, Engineering courses, Law, Finance, Arts etc. Also, The Estonian government awards several scholarships to university students and researchers to study and do research at public universities and institutions in Estonia.

Scholarships in Estonia are mostly meant for master’s degree and doctoral degree but in some cases scholarships are given for bachelor degrees to take care of the student’s tuition fees.

Doctoral Studies and Internationalization Programme “DoRa” activities are meant for master’s students, doctoral students and members of teaching staff who are already studying or working at higher education institutions in Estonia or intend to do so.

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While applying to the most affordable universities in Estonia for admissions do well to note the following:

Undergraduate entry Requirements/First cycle studies (Bachelors)

Students desiring to study in Estonia at the undergraduate level should know that they are required to be in possession of a valid

  • Secondary/High school result
  • Language proficiency test result English if you intend to study in English
  • Pass any kind of additional examination that may be given

Postgraduate entry Requirements/Second cycle studies (Masters)

Students applying for postgraduate studies are needed to present

  • A relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma
  • Pass any kind of additional examination that may be given

Doctorate entry Requirements/Third cycle studies (PhD)

It might interest you to know that students for the Doctoral level will show

  • A relevant diploma or master’s degree program
  • Pass any kind of additional examination that may be given

Language requirements for studies at universities in Estonia


At higher institutions in Estonia the official language used for teaching is Estonian. But, there are still some study programs and courses in English and thus, afford foreign students the opportunity to learn Estonian while studying their degree.


If you are an international student and English is not your first language, you are required to present proof of your proficiency of the English language through the results you received from your studies at upper secondary school or through the results you received at the TOEFL or IELTS tests.

We recommend you check with your institution if your studies of English from upper secondary school are sufficient to meet the English language requirement or if you need to take the TOEFL or IELTS tests as English require for different study programs and levels vary.

Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Estonia

  • Audentes University
  • Audentes University, Tartu Branch
  • Concordia International University Estonia
  • Estonian Academy of Arts
  • Estonian Academy of Music
  • Estonian Agricultural University
  • Estonian Business School
  • Estonian Public Service Academy
  • International University Estonia
  • Tallinn Institute of Technology
  • Tallinn University
  • Tartu Medical School
  • University Nord
  • Concordia International University Estonia
  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • University Tartu
  • Estonian Business School



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